The Google Interview

Just a few months ago, I interviewed with Google for the Technical Solutions Consultant position. It was definitely the most difficult and intimidating interview I ever had.

The first round was a 30 minutes phone screen where the interviewer asked many True and False and multiple choice questions. From my understanding, this round does not affect their final decision much.

The second round was an one hour video chat and it was extremely traumatizing for me. The interviewer started off with one question and kept digging deeper until I was completely stuck.

The final round was an on-site interview, which was pretty similar to the video chat except it’s four interviews combined together.

Even though I was rejected at the end, I’ve definitely learned a lot from this experience. Unlike other interviews, the Google interviewers cared more about my thought process rather than getting the right answer; they were eager to know why and how I came up with my answers. And besides, most of the questions they asked were open ended in which really requires you to think outside the box.

I’ve also learned one thing from one of the interviewers: The fastest way to learn everything is to talk to people. It really inspired me to talk to as many people as I can and make conversations. No matter if the subject matter interest you or not, it’s about making the effort to understand what matters to people and learn from them.

So if you were to ask me how to prepare for a Google interview, or any interview…start talking to people! Practicing coding at the last minute just does not really make any sense; it doesn’t work like this. But you never know what you can learn from others.

AND, if you don’t know something, search it up and learn. Ask questions until you have no more questions left to ask, seriously.


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